You Rang?

Ring For Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

The dynamic duo of English literature have taken a brief hiatus. While Bertie Wooster has packed himself off to a school where the flowers of the English gentry are learning useful skills in order to make themselves productive members of society, his able and intelligent manservant Jeeves has temporarily taken up service with Bill Rowcester, the 9th Earl of Rowcester. And not a moment too soon when this pair finds themselves up to their ears in a rather tricky (but undeniably hilarious) pickle involving a scheme to make money by disguising themselves as bookies, a spiritualist (and extremely wealthy) American widow, a love-smitten big game hunter, and a set of stolen jewels.

In Space No One Can Hear You Cross-Examine

A Just Determination by John G. Hemry

Newly commissioned ensign Paul Sinclair is required to perform a multitude of duties aboard the space ship USS Michaelson. Aside from his primary duties as Assistant Combat Information Center Officer he is also assigned the duties of Ship’s Legal Officer, Postal Officer, Assistant Security Manager, and work on his Open Space Warfare Officer qualifications when he’s got the time. All of these responsibilities require a great deal of his time and effort but it is his duty and the Michaelson‘s legal officer that will take most of his attention. Particularly when the ship’s overzealous captain destroys a civilian ship that he mistakenly believes to be a hostile vessel.

Summoned to the court-martial as a prosecution witness, Sinclair quickly becomes convinced that the charges against Captain Peter Wakeman are unjust and must turn his energies into assisting the defense.

But The Fourth One Was Too Deadly

The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde

The Gingerbreadman the most dangerous, and possibly most delicious, mass murderer in the history of Reading has escaped custody and is now at large and ready to resume his rampage. The only officer to have captured him before, detective Jack Spratt of the Nursery Crime Division, has been suspended from active duty until he can prove he’s not a looney.

Instead Jack and his partner Sergeant Mary Mary turn their attention to the disappearance of journalist Henrietta “Goldilocks” Hatchett, last seen in the home of three bears living out in the middle of Anderson’s Wood.

Take a Hike

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson

“It seemed such an extraordinary notion – that I could set off home and walk 1,800 miles through the woods to Georgia, or turn the other way and clamber over the rough and stony White Mountains to the fabled prow of Mount Katahdin, floating in the forest 450 miles to the north in a wilderness few have seen. A little voice in my head said: ‘Sounds neat! Let’s do it!’

I formed a number of rationalizations. It would get me fit after years of waddlesome sloth. It would be an interesting and reflective way to reacquaint myself with the scale and beauty of my native land after nearly twenty years of living abroad. It would be useful (I wasn’t quite sure in what way, but I was sure nonetheless) to learn to fend for myself in the wilderness. When guys in camouflage pants and hunting hats sat around in the Four Acres Diner talking about fearsome things done out-of-doors, I would no longer have to feel like such a cupcake. […]

So I decided to do it. More rashly, I announced my intention – told friends and neighbors, confidently informed my publisher, made it common knowledge among those who knew me. Then I bought some books and talked to people who had done the trail in whole or in part and come gradually to realize that this was way beyond – way beyond – anything I had attempted before.”

Catch Me If You Can!

One Step Behind by Henning Mankell

A group of teenagers in costumes are shot celebrating Midsummer in a nature reserve.

A policeman gunned down in his own home.

A young couple and their wedding photographer killed on what should have been the happiest day of their life.

A monstrous killer is loose in the area around Ystad. Who is this murderer? Why does he kill? What do his victims have in common? How intelligent is he that no matter what they do, the police are always one step behind.

Airships, Crystals, and Talking Cats

The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher

In a spectacular (and destructive) display of rebellion the scion of one of Spire Albion’s oldest and most influential families defies her mother’s wishes and joins the Spirearch’s Guard.

A privateer strikes a desperate deal in order to keep his airship in the sky.

An apprentice etherealist’s dreams are filled with whispers of a peril that will befall all of humanity.

Spire Albion shall soon have need of these individuals and others besides, for danger is on the horizon and ancient enemies all but forgotten are beginning to stir once again.

A Time of Heroes

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin

Long ago in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros there was a time when the Targaryens still held the Iron Throne and men still recalled their memories of dragons. It was a time of great men and of heroes of every shape…and size. These are the stories of Dunk (also called Ser Duncan the Tall) and of his squire, a mysterious lad known only as Egg.