Farenheit 1385

A Burnable Book by Bruce Holsinger

In the streets of London men are singing the songs of the death of kings. These songs are purported to come from a book, an ancient book that has foretold the death of every King of England from William the Conqueror to the current king Richard II. It is a “burnable book”, one that could cause the death of the king and bring chaos to the realm. It is a book that must be found before the final prophecy can come to pass and the reign of Richard II ends in ruin and blood.

What Is the Sound of One Hand Ruling?

Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

Yarvi is not suited to being a king. Born with a crippled hand and unable to wield sword or axe he is scorned by his father and viewed as a sort of joke by his people. But when an act of treachery takes the life of his father and brother Yavi has no choice but to ascend to the throne.

Though he is crippled in body, Yavi is strong in mind, but even a strong mind may not be enough. Treachery is never far from the seat of kings, and half a king can topple just as easily as a whole one.

Embrace Your Inner Geek

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

She came from beyond the stars, the last survivor of a great and powerful royal line destined for greatness. For only she could save our world from the Doom that would surely befall it. Well not really, but her real origin story is still pretty cool.

From “home-schooled for hippie reasons” child prodigy to actress to Internet media mogul and counter-culture icon. Here is the story, in her own words, of the life and times of Felicia Day.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho

The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl

What is a “bookaneer”, you may ask? It is not a pirate that reads a lot if that is what you are thinking.Though piracy of a kind does figure quite prominently into a bookaneer’s work.

This is the story of Penrose “Pen” Davenport, one of the greatest bookaneers in the time before the Twentieth Century and the beginning of the international laws protecting copyright. It is the story of one of the last escapades of the greatest bookaneers, the last battle between Pen Davenport and his rival the mysterious Belial. The prize is the final masterpiece being penned by Robert Louis Stevenson, who at that very moment lay dying in self-imposed exile in Samoa.

It is a battle for wealth, notoriety, and for revenge. When the struggle ends and the dust has cleared, there will only be one last bookaneer.

Cry Havoc, and Release the Dinosaurs of War!

The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán

In a province of pacifists a former mercenary lord must raise an army aided by the dinosaur master who once helped defeat him. In the court of the Empire of Nuevaropa, the imperial princess Melodia struggles to free herself from the shadow of her loving, and oblivious, father while her betrothed. the dashing Count Jaume, is forced by his own sense of duty into a course of action where no choice will be the right one.

This is the world of Paradise where the schemes and passions of men are played out in the courts of power and on the battlefield. Where the weapons are words, swords, and dinosaurs.

Mark Watney of Mars

The Martian by Andy Weir

A few days ago Mark Watney was the fifteenth person to walk on Mars. Today he may be the first person to die there. There’s no hope of rescue. Why would there be, the rest of the crew and everyone back on Earth thinks he’s dead. Did we mention that when the rest of Watney’s crew left Mars they took the radio with them? So there’s no way he can tell anyone he’s still alive. But not to worry, he’s probably going to run out of food and water before he runs out of air. That’s assuming the climate, faulty equipment, or his own mistakes don’t get him first. Well, there’s nothing like a challenge.

The Man in the Pin-Striped Frock Coat

Our Man in Charleston: Britain’s Secret Agent in the Civil War South by Christopher Dickey

It was not the best of times, and the worst was yet to come. In the tense years leading up to the American Civil War and in the tumultuous times to follow, one man stood between the Confederacy and its official recognition by the wider world. That man was Robert Bunch, Her Majesty’s consul in Charleston, South Carolina.